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The online world has created more opportunities than ever to reach your customers, but most businesses fail to capitalize on the digital space.  I want to change that. Marketing is equally about relationship as is it about numbers and figures, so if you're on board with growing your business and establishing meaningful connections with your audience, let's talk.






My Creative journey

My name is London, like the city. One of the the things that excites me the most is growth. Both personal and business growth. When I started making logos and various print material in high school I saw this amazing opportunity in the online space. Everything from web design to Facebook ads, intreaged me so I learnt all I could about online marketing. Since then I have worked with some pretty cool businesses and non profits to craft compelling stories and beautiful marketing. If this sounds like something you are interested in, we should chat.


Past Clients


Previous Work


My Tools

I work with a variety of tools to do what I do. Everything from Google Analytics and Wordpress, to Photoshop and Supermetrics. I am constantly learning new software to keep up with the evolving digital space.